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Online Booking

Fish Surfboard Rental – Book Now

From: $20.00

Wetsuit Hire

Daily Wetsuit Hire

Secure Locker Rental

Daily locker rental


Fish Surfboard Rental

Our fish boards come in every shape and size so choose the one you want from our Fish Surfboard Rental.

You can cruise, style and carve, surfing the way you want and to the level you want. So entry to advanced level surfers will have a great surf.

We have fishes in epoxy, PU, new school and old school designs. So you can try what you like or something new.

We’re right across the road from the great waves of Manly Beach. So beach peaks, point breaks, outer bommies are right here.

Within minutes travel are more beach breaks, points and a huge number of friendly to challenging waves. So up to the most advanced level surfer you’ll find surf you like.

Fins, leash, wax up. Everything you need is included.

Wetsuit, rash vest, sunscreen or anything else can be added from our range.

Don’t know where to start?

We can recommend exactly what you need.

Not sure?

Come on down so we can walk you through finding your perfect matching board!