Hire a Surfboard Manly Surf School - Learn to Surf
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Please review our Disclaimer below

The equipment we provide is for your enjoyment and every care is taken by us in the maintenance of such equipment for your benefit. However, is a condition of your use of the equipment that you do so entirely at your own risk and therefore the following Discharge and Indemnity is required to be given prior to your hiring of the equipment.


Any breakages or damages to the equipment provided is entirely the responsibility of the renter. Therefore any subsequent charge will be at fair cost and to be paid for in full by the renter.


I, undersigned, declare that I am 18 years of age or over and in consideration of the equipment rented by you to me for myself, my executors, administrators, lawful heirs, successors, servants and assigns, hereby resolutely release and discharge you and your employees, servants and agents from and against all claims of whatsoever nature (save those which by statute cannot be contracted out of e.g. a claim under the Trade practises Act) arising out of death, personal injury or loss or damage to personal injury or loss of damage to personal property that I may suffer or sustain whilst using the equipment rented by you and I hereby indemnify and agree to indemnify you and your employees, agents and servants against all such claims or by any person claiming through or on my behalf.