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The 5 best beaches for beginner surfers in Sydney

The 5 best beaches for beginner surfers in Sydney

Whilst we all like to think we’re naturals in the waves, the unfortunate truth is that not every beach is a beginner surfer’s playground.

Luckily, Sydney is blessed with plenty of beautiful beaches that boast small waves and soft sand rather than ragged rocks and hardcore rips. This means you can try your hand at mastering the sport without spending the entire time trying to keep your head above water or coming to the decision that you’ll NEVER give that crazy stuff another go. Result!

Check out our top 5 picks for surfing success this summer. We know they won’t disappoint.

1. Freshwater

Known as “Freshie” to the locals and the birthplace of Australian surfing, this beach is a classic – you can’t go wrong. Freshwater offers family-friendly vibes, shallow waters and protection from the harsh northerly winds.

Be sure to check out the newly refurbished Harbord Diggers RSL nearby. There are plenty of food options and a big, sunny terrace where you can reward yourself post-surf with a nice cold beer.

2. Maroubra

This beach is a great option if you’re city-side but want something a little quieter than Bondi. Maroubra is a trusty choice with reliably good waves and a bit more space for beginners to play.

Stick to the south side of the beach to avoid the big swell in the north and go for an “off-peak” time to avoid taking out tourists or locals.

3. Cronulla

Head up to the north end of Cronulla and you’ll find the gorgeous Greenhills beach. This area is just what it says on the tin – spacious and backed by grass-covered sand dunes.

Cronulla is the longest beach in Sydney, meaning there’s lots of space to embarrass yourself with no one watching (bonus points!) and the north side offers baby waves that are perfect for beginners.

4. Manly

We may be slightly biased, but Manly really does have it all. This beach Is a popular tourist destination, so head down nice and early to avoid the crowds and treat yourself to some pre-surfing energy in the form of a Bare Naked acai bowl.

The conditions on the sheltered southern end of this beach are ideal for beginners, especially when there’s a southerly wind. If you come by in February, you might even spot a few pros at the annual surf comp.

You can also pop into our shop to say hi, grab some technique advice, borrow a board, or even score a new one to see you through to your pro days!

5. Palm Beach

Although this one’s a bit of a mission from the city, Palm Beach is well worth the visit. Stick to “Kiddies Corner” and you’ll find that not only is it safe, sheltered and family-friendly, but gentle waves are pretty much guaranteed.

A few other great reasons to make the trip up north are the picturesque Boat House café, Barrenjoey lighthouse walk (if you’ve got any energy left after tackling waves) and some touristy fun at the set of “Home and Away”.

But what about Bondi!?”

You might be wondering, “Where’s Bondi on that list?!”. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget this classic hot spot. Bondi is close to the city, full of beginners and safe to surf. However, it’s also very crowded and expensive… but maybe we’re just used to the laid-back Northern Beaches lifestyle!

We hope this hot list has helped you pick out your next surfing spot. Whether or not you go on to be the next Kelly Slater, one thing’s for sure – you’ll have a lot of fun along the way… we’re spoilt for choice here on Sydney’s beautiful beaches.

Comment below if you’ve got any other favourites to recommend – we’d love to check them out!